The Crew

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Tom likes making things, Kelly likes ice cream. To expand on this a little…

tom_mug_smTom is the sailor of the two of us. He crewed aboard a friend’s boat in Saturday races for a few years before buying Makroro in June 2014. He is a bit of a whiz when it comes to electrical stuff, and has even managed to build himself a fully working pinball machine (shameless plug here). He is pretty funny, but also has an amazing knack for accidentally hurting himself. He could cut himself doing just about anything. Nonetheless, he makes a good captain and aspires to cruise the Whitsundays and beyond.




kelly_mug_smKelly is not a sailor. But hopefully that will change very soon. She currently studies Nutrition & Dietetics but still sure does love ice-cream and chocolate and all things food. She is a little terrified of the sea, but hopes that won’t stop her from sailing the high-seas and enjoying the cruising life. Giant squid are a serious concern for her, and why shouldn’t they be? I mean, they are known for eating sailing ships whole, right?





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