Cruising Lake Mac


In total we spent 11 nights in Lake Macquarie. On the days that it rained we baked cookies, read books and watched movies, but thankfully we had more days with sunshine than with rain. On the long weekend we invited some of Tom’s sailing buddies over to test out our old girl, Makroro. We got lucky with the weather and had beautiful sun and some fantastic wind. I learnt a lot that day. I didn’t know our Macky-Ro was capable of the things she did that day. Unlike me, these guys really know how to sail! Our top speed that day I think was 8-9 knots – we absolutely flew like the wind – and heeled over until our rail was touching the water, to which I couldn’t stop myself from letting out just a small squeal. Let’s just pretend it was a squeal of sheer joy instead of terror. It was great having these guys out on the boat, we both really learnt a lot about how to sail Makroro to her full potential.

The rest of our stay was far less eventful. We anchored at Murrays beach one night and went ashore in the morning for an amazing breakfast feed of buttery croissants and coffee. Other nights we stayed at Green Point, Killaben Bay, and Pulbah Island where we fished without success and drank cold beer in the warm setting sun – with success.












Full sail

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4 thoughts on “Cruising Lake Mac

  1. Beautiful Kel and Tom. Looks so idyllic, but I guess it might be a drag in the wet. We seem to be having a lot of wet, it kind of reminds me of Bergen, just not as cold haha!

  2. I didn’t realise you had this blog going until now but it’s so lovely! Great photos and it’s so good seeing you out there enjoying some amazing sailing adventures. Looking forward to the next instalment 🙂

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